Bringing the lifeless ‘back to light’ in Farmington’s Electricity Cemetery

FARMINGTON — After scanning the expanse of the Power Cemetery, a different guy may well have thrown his arms up into the air and walked away.  

But not Dave Bloom, self-proclaimed cemetery hound and “The Gravestone Person,” as his colorfully tie-dyed business enterprise card reads. 

When Bloom was called in by the Farmington Historic Preservation Commission for his volunteer help in restoring this early 1800s cemetery on County Road 41 near Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack, he presently was common with it and its condition and lifted his arms up to the sky. 

“I was like, ‘Yesssssssssss!’ Great,” Bloom explained. “Let me assistance.” 

Now in year two of the challenge, the Canandaigua resident said this is most very likely heading to acquire at the very least an additional year of perform, if not two.  

Because this is what he located. Some of the headstone pieces marking the graves of some of Farmington’s earliest residents he identified buried in the ground – and not constantly in which they ought to have been. Some were being standing, or at least tilting.  

Here's an example of the condition of a headstone in Power Cemetery, which is on County Road 41 in Farmington.

Some had been observed leaning in opposition to trees, yards away from in which they had been supposed to be. Some pieces were coated up in weeds.  

Some had been in piles damaged and mixed collectively, type of like a jigsaw puzzle apart from that these pieces appear from various unique puzzles. Some were being correct aspect up, and some others ended up upside down. 

Dave Bloom didn't see a lost cause when he found headstones in Power Cemetery looking like this. Instead, he sees restoring these stones as an opportunity to bring respect to the people buried here and to help their descendants learn more about them and the times they lived in.

Some had been broken by the inexorable march of time and nature — eight black locust trees have previously been removed from the cemetery and more are marked for elimination. Roots are excellent for a genealogical family members tree but not so great for the resting places of the family users in them. And a slipping limb possible took out a chunk of a gravestone of a member of the Ability household tree.