Casey Batchelor unveils newborn baby’s gorgeous name after ‘complicated’ birth

Casey Batchelor has revealed that she has decided to name her gorgeous newborn daughter Daisy.

The 36-year-old Celebrity Big Brother star was over the moon to confirm that she had welcomed her third daughter with fiancé Dane Goodson at the start of the month.

As the mum of three settles into looking after her little ones, the reality star has opened up about facing a ‘complicated’ birth as well as the inspiration behind naming her daughter Daisy.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Casey explained that she believes the names of her three daughters go well together. However, they struggled to come up with the perfect name before their daughter was born.

Casey’s third daughter has been named Daisy

Casey Batchelor gave birth to her third daughter at the start of June
Casey Batchelor gave birth to her third daughter at the start of June

Casey Said: “we couldn’t find a name. Dane kept saying no to all my suggestions. He hates it when people choose really unusual and different names.

“I was looking through lists of old-fashioned names on Google, as that’s what we both like, and Daisy came up. I said, “What about Daisy?” and he said, “I love it!” I think all the girls’ names go really well together.”

Casey is already a proud mum to Florence, three, and Sadie, 16 months, and the cute family are thrilled to have welcomed another baby sister.

However, the reality star also admitted that she underwent a C-section that proved more ‘complicated’ than her last.

In her interview with OK! Casey explained that she had to be given lots of drugs because her nervous system had gone into shock during a ‘really scary’ birth.

“She didn’t want to come out,” Casey added. “They have to put pressure on you to replicate what would happen when a baby is born naturally through the birthing canal, but Dane was standing next to the assistant who was putting pressure on me and he said she was putting her whole body weight on me and coming off the floor.

The reality star is now a proud mum to three gorgeous daughters
The reality star is now a proud mum to three gorgeous daughters

“Basically, she was jumping on me! And Daisy still wasn’t coming out.

“That was a bit worrying, but thankfully she came out eventually. Then, when they were stitching me up, I felt like someone was stamping on my chest and my heart. I couldn’t breathe properly.

Thankfully, Casey has been able to fully recover and is now feeling ‘amazing’.

Casey and Dane, who got engaged in 2019, have been on cloud nine after they were able to expand their brood in the past few years.

Although the love birds have only just welcomed their third bundle of joy, Casey even teased that baby number four might be on the cards in the future.

While they have spoken about more children in the future, Casey maintained that four children would be where she draws the line.

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