The Cutest Newborn Girl Halloween Costumes For 2021, Hands Down

Itty bitty newborn baby girls are some of the sweetest things on Earth. Really the only thing that could make them cuter is ridiculously adorable Halloween costumes. And come to find out, the internet has plenty of them. From tiny fuzzy lions to crocheted mermaid costumes (complete with shell bras), retailers and DIYers have come up with all sorts of excellent looks for your newbie babe this Halloween.

Where can you find these perfect costumes for your newborn girl on Halloween? The traditional box stores have some choices, but the real treasure trove can be sourced on Etsy. Nowhere is there more variety of various Halloween ensembles for the littlest people amongst us. And if you want to attempt to make your baby’s costume yourself, Etsy can help you out with that too. You can find patterns for a variety of sewn and knit costumes you can make at home.

If all of that sounds far too ambitious given the overwhelming task of managing and caring for a newborn, we won’t judge if you opt to straight up buy your newborn girl’s Halloween costume. That’s what the internet is for and you can get started shopping right now with this list of all kinds of cute looks.

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This little piggy went to market, but this little piggy went trick-or-treating and looked fly while doing it. The best part about this costume is that it will keep your tiny babe warm all Halloween night. This darling one piece features a hood with all of a pig’s signature characteristics: teeny eyes, a wide snout, and little piggy ears. The polyester velour is fully lined, so your baby’s delicate skin will be protected. While metal snaps on the bottom of the jumpsuit allow for easy diaper changes. On the back, there’s a pigtail just like a real porker would have.



A ram might not be the first costume to come to mind when you think baby Halloween character, but once you see this costume you’ll ask yourself why you never thought of it before. For maximum snuggle-age, choose this ram onesie. The plush bodysuit snaps at the bottom for easy entrance and exit. Pull the separate hood on, which acts like a snuggly winter hat, and you’ll see two fuzzy white and pink ears along with tan horns. But to really nail the ruminant look, pop your baby’s tootsies into the matching hoofed booties. With stretch ankles, they fit like fuzzy socks, all the baaa-tter to keep your lambkin cozy.



Guess who is going to look beary cute come Halloween night? Your new baby, that’s who. Especially with this newborn Halloween costume. A fuzzy wuzzy bear ensemble including a bodysuit and separate hood, your infant will be entirely covered and cozy on All Hallows Eve, while also looking like a little cub. This costume zips up the front so you can easily put even the tiniest baby into this suit. Little paw prints on the feet and hands make the faux fur look even more accurate. And on the hood? Look for a little bear nose, and teeny little ears.



So we know this costume might feel like you’re skipping a season, but consider this: you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Get this snowman costume and you have an outfit for Halloween and Christmas! Like a sleep sack, this is basically a crochet bag your baby rests in. The swaddle comes with a red, yellow, and green scarf along with a little hat featuring Frosty’s coal smile and a plush carrot nose that pops out from the hat with a pair of red ear muffs for good measure. This is 100 % a synthetic ensemble so it can be spot cleaned if there are any accidents.



Greet your neighbors Halloween night with a “G’day mate!” and a smile from this little Koala. Bonus points if you can score some eucalyptus leaves to carry as a prop. You don’t have to live down under to appreciate this mohair knit footed romper that has to be close to the softest thing your child will ever wear. It can even be hand washed with cold water and laid out to dry should you need to get it all clean after the Halloween fun. The front opens with three wooden buttons and the matching hat simply ties under your baby’s chin so you can make it as loose or tight as you want.



If you want to go for a traditional Halloween character that’s no fuss, no muss, then this ghost gown is the obvious choice. Your baby will be comfortable and since it’s just a gown, you can easily change them when nature calls. If you’ve ever put a baby in a cotton gown, you know how ideal this garment is. Super simple, it keeps a baby’s little feet covered while easily allowing you to access them and their all important diaper by merely shimmying the suit up their body. So take that and add in a fun screen print ghost face and you have a Halloween costume they won’t be screaming to take off two minutes into trick-or-treating.



If “though she be but little she is fierce” perfectly defines your baby, dress them up as one of the fiercest creatures to ever walk the Earth: a dinosaur. Now you don’t need a massive outfit to make that happen — those inflatable dino costumes can wait until your child is at least in first grade. For now, capitalize on their cuteness with this crocheted two-piece that includes a diaper cover and hat both covered in dino spines. Like an itty bitty spinosaurus, your Jurassic baby’s charm doesn’t have to go extinct after Halloween. This outfit also makes for a great newborn photo session look too.



When it comes to newborn Halloween costumes, size matters. That’s why this customizable costume is ideal. Even though your tiny darling likely has yet to discover Disney’s Little Mermaid, it’s never too soon to plant the seed. Prep her for the film by dressing her in this mermaid costume. Made from a special “crocodile” stitch, the layered tail is made to look like scales with pink, white, and purple yarn. And because what little mermaid doesn’t like to accessorize, it also features a matching shell bra and flower headband, also crocheted. Handmaid, the vendor asks for measurements to ensure the costume fits each baby perfectly.


Black Cat

A classic Halloween costume, the black cat isn’t limited to kids and adults. Dress your newborn up as this scaredy cat on October 31. Mohair yarn gives a real fur effect in this 100% hand knitted onesie. Brown wood buttons secure the fuzzy suit that comes with a matching hat adorned with black and white kitten ears. White detailing on the wrists and feet accent the costume perfectly giving it a real feline effect. And, of course, it also comes complete with a tail that’s black with a white tip to match. Another bonus, the costume stretches so don’t fret about a bulky diaper fitting inside.


Sriracha Bottle

For hot sauce fans, Sriracha can do no wrong. Some even keep it handy in their glove compartment or purse to make sure they’re never without it. Up those hot sauce fans by dressing your baby as a bottle of the spicy stuff. This licensed onesie and hat come together to look exactly like the favorite condiment. The red suit has been screen printed to match the brand’s bottles, while the simple cotton knot hat points up to look like a nozzle. Even better? If you have another babe looking for a great costume, you can buy this and a soy sauce costume combo pack.


Electrical Outlet

Does your little one power your home? Then dress them as an electrical outlet, of course. Ideal for an electrician’s child, this costume is made out of a stretchy white long sleeve onesie, so your baby won’t even notice anything out of the ordinary. The outlet details are ironed on so they look completely real. Easy to pair with leggings or a little jacket, you can dress your baby in their regular clothes and still have them fancy for the festivities. And if this costume is especially appropriate for your brood of spark plugs, great news. You can order this same design in a t-shirt for up to size 5T.


Boba Tea

For fans of boba tea, they can’t get enough. Kind of like how you feel about your baby. So dress them as a little boba tea complete with a straw hat. The purple long sleeve onesie is made from 100% premium cotton and the design of black boba — a.k.a. Tapioca pearls — are hand pasted on. To make the hat appear like the lid of a tea with the signature wide boba straw, orange felt has been twisted and attached to the front of the cap. Your baby will look so cute, you’ll wish you could just sip them right up. Grab a boba tea instead and head out with this totally unique Halloween costume for newborns that night.



​​If you love Star Wars and can’t wait until your little one is old enough to watch the trilogies with you, then dress her up as one of the most beloved characters from the space opera: R2D2. Thankfully it doesn’t take a degree in robotics to nail this look. All you need is to purchase this vinyl embossed white bodysuit with a matching hat. Available in both long and short sleeve, you can pick the onesie that best suits your Halloween weather. Pop on some Princess Leia braids or Han Solo boots and use the force to become the best costumed fam on the block. Or at least one that channeled Star Wars a long time ago in a neighborhood far, far away.



For some children, dressing as a princess will become a repeat Halloween look. And that’s OK. Start them young with this princess gown made especially for newborns. Made in a royally appropriate light purple, this satin and tulle costume is really an apron disguised to look like a dress. All the better to get your wiggle worm in it. The costume ties at the neck and the waist so you can dress your future queen in whatever you want underneath depending on that evening’s forecast. And if you want to get more specific, you can parlay this into a specific princess with the addition of a wig, say a long blond one for Rapunzel or a short black one for Snow White.


Milk and Cookies

Have twin newborns you’d like to find complimentary costumes for? You won’t track down better newborn Halloween costumes than this: milk and cookies. The ultimate dessert, and kid fave, this perfect pair will steal the spotlight Halloween night. And there’s even more reason to splurge on this dynamic duo. First, the outfits are loose and breezy so your kids won’t feel constricted. Second, the costumes are both made of fleece, so they’re not scratchy either. The milk is a tunic while the cookie is a sandwich board design and both come with hats to pull the sweet snack attack together.



Baby farm animals are nearly as cute as newborns, but none so much as a baby chick. Double down on your child’s darlingness by dressing them as one for Halloween. So if you can’t settle on a character out of all the newborn Halloween costumes out there, just go for this. Made of Mohair yarn, this outfit has the same design as the aforementioned koala and black cat costumes. That means it’s a one piece that comes with a matching hat complete with an embroidered chick beak and eyes. Super soft and fuzzy, three buttons secure the suit that has enough give to it that you can easily get your babe in and out.



Your baby may not be nocturnal but that’s no matter if you want to dress them as a bat. It’s totally on theme for Halloween and in this crocheted number, it’ll likely win best costume too. Sink your teeth into this: you can make this costume at home. This Etsy vendor is selling the pattern to this bat costume which you can download directly from your computer. Break out those crochet needles and grab some black yarn to pull off possibly one of the cutest newborn Halloween costumes available. And don’t forget the hat. Keep your night flyer warm by making the matching cap as well.

You’re never too young to take part in Halloween. And with these costumes you can ensure your newborn gets in on the fun.